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cycling around kunming

salih90 (1 post) • 0


me and my friend want to cycling from kunming to luoping,

but we dont want to use the traffic roads,
we want to travel trough the village and nice spots between those two towns, anyone knows nice places or tours, its also no problem if it takes 2 - 3 days.

lemon lover (595 posts) • 0

Hi Salih,

The title of your mail is wrong and that’s why you might not get a response.
Cycling around Kunming is something completely different than cycling to Luoping.

The stretch between these two cities is probably the worst cycling route in Yunnan. There are no alternatives to the main road so you will be cycling on main roads with lots of traffic. Those stretches on which the main traffic takes the motorway are through area with mines and therefore extremely dirty both in dust and air pollution created by diesel fumes.
Finding an alternative road will include enormous detours and will make the distance twice as long.

The Luoping area is however nice to cycle in so I suggest you get your bike on a train and go cycling in the area from Luoping railway station.

DanTheMan (537 posts) • 0

Never done this route, but guess it would probably be nice: hire a car to take you down close to the southern tip of dianchi. S103/S214 to Fuxian Lake. Skirt down to southern tip of Lake and head toward Tonghai on back roads. Break east before reaching Tonghai and pass through Huaning. East on S304/S305 and then north on S206 to Luoping.

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