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VPN:s still working?

CromsonCromson (145 posts) • 0


Depends on the provider you get in China. And sometimes its just a hit and miss.
I tried all of the big players including ExpressVPN, Astrill, PureVPN and they all worked fine to some point. Today is such a special day, PureVPN isn't connection, no matter which server i choose. After i had massive problems with PureVPN a year ago i found Kaspersky Secure Connection which is decent priced, not too famous getting attention from the GFW and did work without a minute of downtime. Make sure you choose a VPN and open the account before you enter China, or else you will need a VPN to do so. Good luck and have a good time in China.

rejected_goods (345 posts) • 0

if people are going for a short trip to China via Hong Kong, buy a roaming data sim in Hong Kong. that way you could have unrestricted access without VPN.

bucko (694 posts) • 0

Think it through people. Events are taking place that has China attacking VPN's. Can you guess what?

It will be normal soon. Patience.

JanJal (1158 posts) • 0

Some visitors, especially those who work in certain areas of IT, are sent to China for the sole purpose of studying if or how Chinese (and foreign) consumers in China can access their internet services.

They don't even want to make it a smoothless visit, but learn of all the difficulties there are - that's their job.

Ishmael (462 posts) • +2

Maybe, Bucko - but damn the people who make VPNs important, if not necessary. Patience can sometimes be a bad idea.

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • 0

The Great Firewall is running on all cylinders today. Can't connect.

TristaneH (2 posts) • -3
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I have same situation when I traveling to China. I love to watch Cricfree TV and as expected in China it was blocked. Then I installed PureVPN. Everything worked great!

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