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English Teaching Jobs in Classifieds

vicar (591 posts) • 0

And those those 2 years need to be verifiable from an organization, not teaching your neighbors toddler occasionally over a 2 year period

tigertiger (4138 posts) • +1

One other variation to watch for.
Some ads will say something general like, 'Teach in Kunming' or 'Teach in Yunnan'. The ad will then ask you to submit resume, copy of passport etc.
These are not schools, but employment agencies, who will then punt your details to every employer on their books. That is why they won't name themselves, or give a salary figure. How they get paid, if they place someone, can only be speculated. Some of these agents are specific to some of the big brand franchises.
If you are happy dealing with an agency, then no problem. If you want to know about your employer first, then perhaps not fine. Also consider that although the work may be for a well known franchise, some franchisees are pretty awful employers and the franchiser has no control over them.
Agents will not have your best interests at heart, as you are just a commodity to be supplied. However, if you are outside China, and have no contacts in country, then an agent is a simple way to find your first job. Once you are offered a placement, you should be given the name and location of where you would work. You can then do a search of that particular employer. If you say no, the agent will always try to place you somewhere else, as they want their commission, even if they do say there are no other positions.

Napoleon (1072 posts) • -1

I came out via an agency. No issues with them at all.

I would keep an eye out on the classifieds as you'll see the same names over and over again. Either these people are expanding at a miraculous rate or something is a miss as to why they are constantly placing ads.

Also if they start telling you about the price of noodles in the local shop, to justify their low salary (seen this many a time for Chinese ads, although not here) then there's an early warning you're off to work for the Mikey Mouse school of English founded on Love.

Alien (3688 posts) • 0

@vicar: seems to me it's the schools' duty not to lie in their advertisements. But the fact is that, like elsewhere, there are lies, damn lies, and advertising.

vicar (591 posts) • 0

Yes Alien, that's true, unfortunately. Misleading junk, that will only end in misery after being promised a world of wonders. Therefore, as I suggested, prospective employers need to do the research before they commit and if anyone is worried about sending necessary info online and the Russians getting hold of it, tough, that's how most organisations do it now.

octobersky (4 posts) • +1

Michael2015, that explains quite a bit. Thank you. I would love to work for Kunming University. I am serious about teaching long term in Kunming. I just want to complete my TEFL so that I do right by my students.

Tigertiger, is your username a reference to William Blake’s “Tyger Tyger”? I don't mind a placement service if it gets me somewhere decent, relatively.

Napolean, well, let’s hope I will be as lucky as you.

Liumingke1234, are you Asian American or an Asian Westerner by chance? I am Asian, 42. So I’m a bit concerned about my chances. I’m hoping a B.A. in English Literature, TEFL, professionalism, and an effing positive attitude will get me by. I’m not coming looking for a beach rave.

Vicar, I don’t have my two years yet. Is that in stone? Do I need to hit up Vietnam first?

Wow, thanks everyone for your comprehensive replies. I am not quite ready for China just yet. Just started my TEFL program and doing some English tutoring jobs right now. My target is to find a job in Kunming 6 months from now. I worked in I.T. for the last 20 years, did my time in the corporate. Looking for a change from the cubicle life. I do have another reason for moving to Kunming, which is to collect folktales from Hmong tribes. I am of Miao (Hmong) decent, removed from China by a few countries and a few centuries.

Ocean (920 posts) • +1

You mentioned in an earlier post about payment problems in a separate forum about YU-Finance and Economics. I think that was actually in another current forum about YU-Science & Technology. Just wanted to clarify that. I work at YUFE and haven't had any payment issues at all.

Ocean (920 posts) • 0

I'd reiterate what other have said about not being put off from coming. Yes, there are some cowboy schools out there, but also a lot of legit schools who are looking for decent teachers. You have (or will have) ticked all the various requirements and you should be able to find a decent job here, even once you've arrived.

Liumingke1234 (2499 posts) • 0

No I'm not Asian. I'm Hispanic. There's discrimination here but it doesn't mean you can't find a job teaching. It deeps on what they are looking for and the timing of it all.

Napoleon (1072 posts) • -5
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This forum makes no sense.

There are pages upon pages of unfounded whining by individuals about how they have it tough being white/black/coloured in China, fresh off the I'll never become Chinese thread a few weeks back.

Along comes a person

described as Chinese decent and then it's "beware the discrimination!"

People on here don't know if they're p**sing or shi**ing, so long as they have a sausepan to bang.

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