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Nickolletta (4 posts) • 0

Hello everyone. I am looking for the Master's and PhD students who' pursuing their study in YUFE, school of business management. Hope I can take some advices and recomendations from the current postgraduate students regarding

studying in this uni. Thanks in advance.

laoshi19 (30 posts) • 0

I used to teach there. What is your question? What do you want to know? Are you Chinese? Are you fluent in Mandarin?

Most of the teachers are not native English speakers so most classes are in Mandarin. They do have some foreign teachers that come for short courses but the bulk of their courses are in Mandarin.

Geezer (1742 posts) • +1

I also taught at YUFE. Classes were in Chinese but some Accounting classes were supposed to be taught in English. However, I was the only resident native English speaking teacher in the School of Accounbting.

Several excellent Chinese professors spokes reasonable English but they admitted they spoke Chinese when lecturing.

In Beijing, at CUFE, Accounting was, in effect, a dual major, Accounting and English. I was assigned evening classes, paid extra, to teach Chinese professors Oral English. While wildly successful, 32 professors the first semester then over 80 the second, the bureaucrats stepped in insisting I use a more traditional Chinese approach: Teach Oral English by using a book and assigning weekly written papers. I could not handle the non-Oral workload so declined to teach a third semester.

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