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But I thought - at least - previously, when I was more around here, that there was a curious pattern in the weird messages that started show up all of a sudden. This has happened many times on this board, that all of a sudden theres, say, seven newcomers with curious stuff. Something just didnt look right.

My wild guess was, and maybe still is, its the so called wumaos (read social engineering in general) influencing web discussions. Creating this image of a spirit filled curious satisfied foreigner community. Well, nothing wrong with that, maybe, when u put it in perspective with all fighting on Internet in general.

My perception was this always happened here near and during ”sensitive days”, so is there any sensitive day now going on, or approaching? (Bbc says at least a chemical plant exploded). Well, you see this a lot here end of september early october.

Not saying this is truth, just saying could be.

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Nah, I dont think they give a shit about me, or the losers here, and not even about guys like u, even though u have shown us u have moral highground and morals way over the average bigots.

That being said, when I wrote I wanted to ”revenge” on the destruction of history, I regretted that word. Because it could show up red. But I meant by ”revenge” to write a book, or have, say, an art/photography installation on Yunnan history, in contrast to the blind modernization. But Im getting over it, now all is cool. Thats what I was saying. So years of documenting history against modernisation was probably in vain. Heh. Well, at least I learned something though. Probably in a week more than u picked up in 10 years, while sitting in your Sal’s probably pretending to be some world class dj or something, on a mission. Heh.

Yea, so, when it comes to individuals spitting out this average crap, local government dont give a fuck. They probably dislike u non existing losers just as much as I do, and Im cool with that.

But they care about an image, or if theres any hyping on wrong politics in general, if you look for kunming and yunnan in news search, gokunming hits high on internet news search, also its inside the firewall....so... and if this place would have too much negativity, or any tendencies towards activism..I dont know. I dont think theyd like it. You can be certain it has been vetted and will continue to be.

Articles saying there are something like millions censors watching Internet in China. And discussions continuously sculptured. (cant remember the exact amount influencers, and probably nobody knows). This is common knowledge. Of course, they are here too. At least, occasionally, and keeping an overal watch. Do I really have to point that out to you, idiot, you should know it since u live there.

You heard of East Germany or NK? Heh. Just as examples. Yea, we know, u are not the brightest star on the sky.

Hey, loser, why not try typing something about the lama and make a test. Or are you delusional to do that?

cloudtrapezer (649 posts) • -4
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Go ahead and write the book. Nobody's stopping you. It'd be s far better use of your time than coming on here to spit venom at people you don't know.

Peter99 (1186 posts) • -5
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What is there to know about you?

Let us all know, now I have talked so much on me. Even u have.

Your turn, boy.

What are your doings, why did you go to China? Or you just want to try to bait me and not giving anything on yerself?

With your moral highground and all....come on, push it.

cloudtrapezer (649 posts) • -2

The provocateur complains about being provoked? Please try harder. On second thoughts don't bother. And going back to the wu mao issue - are you seriously trying to tell us you do this for free? That would be really sad.

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