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michael2015 (776 posts) • +3

I like the thumbs. Peer based moderation seems to be working great, without heavy handed censorship. Unpopular comments are merely hidden, not blocked.

The system can of course be gamed by generating multiple profiles, but all systems can be gamed and that's a job for the paid system administration.

HFCAMPO (3062 posts) • -12
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Perfect example - Read Goldie's post - she is spot on in her comment - BUT of course she gets thumbs down for telling the truth.

Let the children have their toys. So I wonder who gave Goldie the thumbs down - was it the mature or the immature? If the shoe fits, wear it!

The Dudeson's (1106 posts) • -6
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My post got 12 downvotes for a mere observation.

HFCAMPO's got 11...

I can't see how this is not a vindictive choice. My post has not been offensive, against any forum rules.

I have read absolutely reasonable posts, which got downvoted and other ridiculous posts who get thumbs up, on both ,..or more,...sides.

I can't see how this is a good thing.

Now gokunming, gave a tool for the loudest to shout.

My recommendation is, show the votes and voters, only this way you can make sure that people are not just being judged by an old vendetta or other issues.

In my opinion it failed.
I personally will reject any vote, to make sure the net will stay open an opinions can be seen, for as long as possible.

I didn't like the ferocity of the old forum but at least it was, with the help of the admin, free and fair. Not beautiful but fair.

The only thing the current voting system enhances is one dominant train of thought of the first few voters, and since you only need 3-4 votes to hide a post, you will have in the end the dominance of one group and since they are the strongest one an often the first to vote, it doesn't prove anything about the argument or thought or even the accuracy of the statement.

So in the end we will have a certain amount of populism. And the hissy fits, whom we all have been guilty of are just turned passive now. But they are still there.

I hope that the gokunming staff can find a better solution, than the current one.

I am not even defending my opinion, just skim through the post an votes, most of the hidden posts are not even close to be mean or offensive, they are just not reflecting the votes of a few of the most frequent and not most liberal posters, and gokunming made them judges now.

Maybe the whole thing is a good idea but it needs a lot of adjustments.

Oh and I know this post will be killed instantly.

So I hope that even the posters that hate me, can just for once not judge me, down or up.

I don't need your vote, but maybe you can let others live by not judging....

just a thought, nothing o hate me for. But my apologies if I offended you. LOVE!

HFCAMPO (3062 posts) • -8
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I think the thumbs is a good thing because it gives those vindictive cowards a good feeling - they get to play moderator. Let them play with their thumbs and it keeps them out of the forums.

Alexez (349 posts) • +3

For me these thumbs probably don't work as they ment to , coz I always "click to expand" the text . Im even more curious why some post got so many "-" :-)

The Dudeson's (1106 posts) • -9
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Then you could alsp ask the question, what is the point of the vote?

The post is not deleted, just hidden.

Random posts for no obvious reasons are hidden.

Biased opinion and a few posters are in charge of what is allowed to be openly viewed.

I still think the judges should be visible, that way, it's easy to spot who is unreasonably downvoting everything.

Let's see how long this post will last.

The Dudeson's (1106 posts) • -8
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-6 down votes for the cruel things I wrote, as we speak (=downvoted)

...and an hour later, my offensive and rude post received the wrath of the populist voter counsil.

and again...the thumb voting thing is not working unless you want one point of view for all eternity.

For Christsake some posters even got downvotes for helping post in other threads.
How do you explain that?


It doesn't work. I haven't been an angel but the censorship is ranndom and chaotic. Please help make it better.

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