Birth certificate in Kunming

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If she has renounced her Chinese citizenship, she would have some other citizenship instead.

I assume that it is not an option for you two to get it done in the country where she (and I'm guessing you as well) have citizenship?

If she has some other nationality now, Chinese authorities should really deal with her as they would deal with any citizen of that new nationality.

For example when I (a foreigner) got married with my Chinese wife in China, I don't remember that my parents' names were needed in any document.

I only needed my passport and a legalized certificate from my home country that I'm eligible to marry (not already married).

Personally I think that the authorizies are over-exercising their authority in this case, trying to deal with her as Chinese although she is not.

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She has no things like that, she submitted everything to the Chinese authorities including the ID and chinese passport. We are not in china. We have two different nationality but we

live in her country , we do register our marriage here and everything went well, but the nightmare starts when we went

to my country embassy to register our marriage, the counselor service stuff told us in order to get the marriage certificate they need to write down parents full names

(husband and wife )I

told them she can write that in paper they said no she must bring an official paper with stamp on it.

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So this is not about getting married, but registering the marriage to your own country through embassy?

Considering that (apparently) we have a language barrier here, you should give very specific information.

For example nationality of both you and your wife (past, now, and at the time of registering marriage if it has changed), where you got married, and to what embassy you try to register the marriage at.

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I would go back to the place of birth. Find out the office where births are registered. Go to that office and start asking there. There will be a proper record of every birth in China, unless the person was born illegally.

Children born outside marriage, or illegal second child, may not have been registered. If the person went to a state school and got a state education, then they were registered.

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Thank you for your help , I really appreciate it,

Yes , exactly it's about registring our marriage to my own country through embassy,
She got state education until the graduation from the university

in China, she even worked in a state hospital there for few years before leaving the country,

I advised her to contact the chinese embassy here but she is keeps telling me that she has nothing to do with China as she is no more a Chinese citizen , do you think that the Chinese embassy

can help. ? Or is better to travel to her birth place(need visa)?

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I think she is right. I doubt that the Embassy will be willing or even able to help.
A lot of Chinese government offices have a website now. You would need to try and find the specific office in place of birth.
Advice when contacting Chinese organs:

Remember if you ask the wrong office that they might not even bother to reply, as it may be about a matter that their office does not deal with. End of story.
Ask specific single questions, don't ask opinion questions, e.g. 'Do you think...?' etc.

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Still lot of uncertainties, but what you have told us so far:

You are citizen of country X and X is not China.

Your wife used to be Chinese citizen, but she has renounced that and is now citizen of country Y.

You are trying to legalize the marriage, that was originally registered in country Y, in country X.

Currently you both reside in Y.

We still only know that X is not Y, but we don't know what neither X nor Y are other than neither is China.

Usually to make any document legal in another country, the original document must be notarized at local public notary (in city or other locale where the original document as issued, for example Kunming).

The notarized document must then be legalized in the foreign ministry of that country, for example China's Foreign Ministry in Beijing.

Finally the legalized document must be legalized a second time at the consulate of the country where it is intended to be used, for example USA consulate in Beijing.

In case of marriage certificate, the consulate usually also requires a simple application letter to go with the legalized document, and can complete the registration of the marriage in that country with that information.

This is what I had to do to make our marriage valid in my home country. The document in question being our original Chinese marriage certificate and the country in question being Finland.

If you were to clearly state what countries X and Y are, you may get more accurate help.

But with current information, I would speculate that all marriage registrations in country X may require information of parents of the couple, and if that is the case, then the fact that one is a foreign national and the marriage was originally registered abroad is not significant - if you want to make the marriage legal in country X, you need to follow local regulations.

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you get it very well, my country marriage certificate mentions

the full names of the couple and the full names of their parents,
My wife called notary office in China to help get birth certificate or any other documents that mention her parents. The notary office said she must have Chinese ID in order to start the process,

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Hello everybody,

My wife hired a notary office in Beijing in order to get her Chinese birth certificate . We paid the fee in advance and they told us to wait

at least 45 days .we did everything online we never visit this office in person .however it is almost 2 months now and we didn't get the document yet, my wife start to worry as we do everything online,

and we are not in Beijing.

Can any body tell us what to do .I can post the information of this office in case that can help,


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