Z visa to X visa,do I really need to go to Kunming

CastoroCurioso (10 posts) • 0

Hi everybody,

Quick question: I am currently working in Anhui and looking to move to Kunming in early January to improve my Chinese .

I've only contacted one school so far and the guy in charge of helping students applying for X visas told me the documentation I need to provide should include my current contract (fair enough) and that I would need to turn up at the PSB (公安局) in Kunming for an 'interview'come December, if my understanding is right all of this is just so I can give the police officer on duty my word that I will not engage in part-time work.. Now, nevermind the fact that it would be a monumental inconvenience, I don't think I would be able to ask for leave.

Surely there's got to be a more sensible alternative, but then again this is China, so..

Could someone help me shed some light on this?

tigertiger (4129 posts) • +1

The PSB in Kunming are the issuing authority. You will have to satisfy their requirements. Your inconvenience is not something that the PSB care about.
Bear in mind in the last two years Kunming has bounced a lot of student visa holders for visa violations.

Also consider that changing back from an X to a Z is a bigger pain in the butt, If you do want to work, you can study on a Z visa (residence permit RP that allows you to work). If you can find a job here that gives a Z visa, then maintaining your work RP status is easy. Lots of schools work eve and weekends, most language programmes at uni are 8-12 only.

Geezer (1741 posts) • +1

When I converted from a Z to an X visa, I had to 1) exit China and 2) return on a L visa. The school then got me the X visa, That was a few years ago so rules might have changed.

goldie122 (594 posts) • +1

Haven't you been in China long enough?

Are you looking for the PSB to give YOU a sensible alternative?

Call out sick from work or whatever and do your visa the right way... besides, Kunming's weather is nice in December.

CastoroCurioso (10 posts) • 0

Thanks everybody..
Eventually I managed to get an extension on my working visa, which made it possible for me to get here once the academic semester was over and still have time to apply for the X visa... Guess I shouldn't have panicked :)

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