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Chinese written driving test

BingJie (5 posts) • +1

I've got an American license, understand I only need to take written test to get Chinese license. Where do I find the book? Any other suggestions? Tha …

tallamerican (396 posts) • +4

I easily passed the test last week using Chinadrivingtest.com, but the website has been down the last couple of days. I found the questions to be the same as the test. For anyone thinking about getting your license what you need test day has changed slightly.

1. Need copy of your passport and visa.

2. Need copy of your Police registration form.
3. Need your drivers license translated to chinese.

4. Needs photos which can be taken at their photo center. They only used 1-2 photos.
5. They want to see originals of your documents.

6. Foreigners can take exam anytime they are open now.

7. Cost is 60 for exam, 12 for medical check, 10 for license.

8. If you pass the test you walk out with your license in hand 15 minutes later.

They also have a copy center on site. If you do not speak decent Chinese would for sure take someone to translate. My wife and daughter in law made process much easier and stress free. Entire process took less than 2 hours.

Scottish guy (28 posts) • 0

Thanks philou for this thread. Does anyone know if both paper and card parts of a British license is needed or is just the card OK?

Haali (1176 posts) • 0

I'm wondering the same as Scottish Guy, because I was one of the last people to be issued a paper counterpart licence (along with a card) when I renewed my licence last year. On the paper part it says that from the June 8th 2015 the paper will no longer be valid.

Scottish guy (28 posts) • 0

@Haali I've just passed the test using only my card. They didn't

ask about the paper counterpart.

Make sure you take the card and copy with you

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