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Good hair salons?

Dazzer (2674 posts) • 0

96 for a mens haircut, you are paying the rent. been to fancy places for less than half that, and that was for the main stylist

michael2015 (533 posts) • 0

The best place to look is where the KTV girls go to get their hair done. Usually, they're having their hair done prior to work, so look for salons with a bevy of attractive women (check their shoes first), somewhere in the late afternoon to early evening.

The hair salons will be packed outside with several e-bikes with their drivers, to shuttle the girls to work.

These places will be middling to average in haircuts, but a level better than the typical hatchet jobs pervasive in this province - otherwise the girls wouldn't frequent these places.

Your mileage may vary (YMMV).

Napoleon (1162 posts) • -1

Could it be that it all went wrong when you went to a 'hair salon' instead of a barber?
'Main stylist' dear, dear me.

Kjatan (3 posts) • +1

After reading this forum, my husband and I were a bit nervous about the outcome of our first Chinese haircut but we couldn't put it off any longer. We chose a hair salon largely at random today and were pleasantly surprised.

We went to Yun Dafa Yi on Tianjundian Alley north of Salvador's. Our hair was cut by a cool young guy called Lun (though I could have misheard). We both have straight fine hair and Lun really tried hard to get it balanced and neat. I showed him a photo of the hair style I wanted and then otherwise communicated through mime and a few words of Chinese. Very happy with the outcome, all for 25 yuan each.

tigertiger (4686 posts) • 0

I think that is a chain. You will have similar training and levels of professionalism, IF there is good franchiser control. However, I imagine they have only styled Asian hair types. They will probably be under more pressure to up sell you a perm, or colouring that will be more expensive and that you might not want.

Industry standard for most chains of hair salons in China is that they will also offer big discounts IF you pay several thousand upfront for a discount card, and this is the HARD sell. If you are tempted by the pre-pay card, check the small print, ask for full details. You may find you have to pay for an overpriced cut to qualify, and you might only be able to use it in that branch, and the price of a hair-do could be several times the price of a regular salon.

Haali (1099 posts) • +1

Toni & Guy is a British chain I think, a pretty good one. Wouldn't know if it is good here. If you don't mind paying a LOT more you could give it a try. Place I go to costs 30, and they do a mediocre to good job, depending on who does it. What keeps me going back is the head massage while they wash your hair. One of the pleasures of life in China.

LongStrangeTrip (5 posts) • 0

Actually after doing some digging I have not found any recent reference to Toni&Guy and their official website does not show any of their franchise being based in Kunming atm.

vicar (730 posts) • 0

If you don’t trust any of the hair salons to do western hair styles there are probably some good wigs on Taobao.

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