Good hair salons?

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Can't help with ladies salons.

Salon is not exclusively female: www.timeout.com/[...]

I get a no-nonsense short back and sides from a place 2 minutes walk from Nanping Jie that uses 'Salon' on the shop front. 25RMB

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Maybe I should try to be a little more helpful. In my experience the places around Nanping Jie are decent but I'd like to find somewhere that doesn't just do the standard Chinese-style butchering. Sorry but it's true. And maybe my hair's just a little fussy.

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Unless you have straight hair, the answer is not as simple as it might be. Many hairdressers have never seen wavy or curly hair. Asian hair is different in cross section and cuts differently.

There was an expat who used to cut hair at home, but that was on a thread maybe 3 years ago.

If you do have 'asian' hair (straight), then you should look for a place with Tiawanese or Japanese trained stylists.

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No-nonsense short back & sides available at small one-woman place around the corner from 'Laowai Paradise' for Y10...or maybe it was up to Y15 last time. Not particularly good - I have straight hair, but it's rather fine - but I always come out of there with my hair shorter. Nice lady.

viborg (13 posts) • 0

Wandered around a bit, checked out some of the recommendations from other threads here but nil result really. I did find a few places that seem like they spend a lot more on advertising and branding than talent.

Here's the best value I could find, by far: it's called Workshop (not sure of Chinese name). They do not speak English

Price: 96 for men's cuts. Women's also available, not sure of the price.

Phone: 18669061295

Location: Shuncheng Mall (where the IMAX is), kind of behind the New Balance store on 1F floor. It's actually the 6th floor but seems to be in a residential area so you have to go in through the entrance on 1F, and you either need to leave a passport or one of the guys will come let you in.

Helpful phrases:

'jian toufa' - haircut
'duan' - short, 'chang' - long
'bu tai duan' - not too short

A new one I learned today: 'changdu' - length

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