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Another Kunming kid abducted

The Dudeson's (1106 posts) • 0

It is fascinating to see your stupidity and ignorance at work. As well as your absolute lack of understanding of anything Chinese.

But I am glad there wasn't anything racist in at least one post. Condescending, yes but at least not racist. So big progress!!! lol

These kids are not abducted, because their are talking to strangers.

About GPS tracking.
I would guess that most of the criminals are aware of how to get rid of possible GPS tracking. Unless you want to get your kids, GPS skin implants.

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • 0

Having a small GPS tracker is still better than not having anything at all. They can be hidden in the sole of their shoes, backpack, etc. Even if the bastards find it at least there's a trail.

Napoleon (1185 posts) • 0


So don't educate the kids then?

I think yours was a post aimed in spite and made in haste, to the point where anything mentioned now gets a reaction from you and at least one other, regardless of its value.

Nice that you slipped in the "racist" tag as well, classy. Not sure you understand the meaning of condersending.
I'm not sure you understand the term racist either - It wouldn't need much digging in your previous posts to realise you are the one with the racial superiority complex.

A 3 year old kid has gone missing and you've tried to turn the situation into a Dudeson vs Napoleon dick measuring contest. Bravo, Bravo.

The Dudeson's (1106 posts) • 0

Oh don't worry about terminology, your posts usually cover every bit of negative '-ist' possible, sexist, racist, narcissist, also ignorance, intolerance.
You are the Trump of gokunming.

You are even too ignorant to understand.

I complimented you, for just being ignorant and under-educated about the problem and not being racist [just yet], thus you don't have to be racist in that very last post of yours, but I think someone as smart as you will figure it out....lol

You are funny!

You wrote a racist comment on the 'love guru' thread, which luckily got [for you deleted] also you posted tons of racist post against me and other users. You don't want to elaborate further, because you have nothing to say [god bless] since you know you are being caught, with pants down [not a beautiful sight, I would 'ass'ume].

So whatever you say you are a narcissist, so you are right.

About the trackers putting them in a shoe is great but not if they throw the shoes away, or when the kid is pulled out of the stroller, and the shoe drops.

I am sure these guys are very well organized and know what to look for.
But of course you are right, it's better than nothing.

Napoleon (1185 posts) • 0


In all respect it seems to be you who doesn't understand the gravity of what's been discussed here.

You should hang your head in shame for jumping on this thread and saying what you have.

I suggest you start your own thread to talk your tripe on, show you have a bit of compassion for the subject at hand on this one.

I have not a lot more to say about the missing children situation, if it was suitable I could sling shit backwards and forwards all night, like you're intent on doing. But there's a time and place and missing kid threads aren't it.

Put your testicles back in your pants and show a bit of class, how about that one?

The Dudeson's (1106 posts) • 0

Yep that's the Napoleon I was talking about.

You have not brought one reasonable argument to this thread or the problem, just being judging and condescending. In all your wisdom, - to blame it on the parents,and now playing the emotional card, it is just low and so totally you. Remember the sexual abuse/rape thread? So now you suddenly became PC? You are such a fraud. And you tell me to put my testicles back on. HAH!!!

You are disgusting.

The Dudeson's (1106 posts) • 0

...we are all waiting for you to make jokes about the poor parents and kids. Come on show another one of your funny inappropriate jokes about the suffering of other people.

Napoleon (1185 posts) • 0


At the moment I consider you and your lovechild (Peter) as a creepy pair of internet stalkers who follow me around the forums bashing out the same tedious messages and quite happily saying the sky is green and the grass is purple if it leads to your very tired repertoire of repetitive personal insults.

I'm very happy for you to start a separate NAPOLEON thread and theorize all day about if I'm American/ Chinese or a spy for the police / PLA or Matt/Luke/John or any other of Jesus' disciples or anything else that you have speculated in the year I've been on here. Anyone who's interested or has anything to contribute about me could nip right to 'said' thread instead of having to skip though every other thread that bares your hallmark, derailing from the original subject, contributing nothing and eventually running it into the ground.

It has begun to get boring for me, let alone other users, first time users or admin.

That you both label me as a Troll and a narcissist, I find very hypocritical. (If you don't understand this word don't look for it in the dictionary, try a mirror)

I'm alright with you starting a separate thread, by all accounts please do so – This can be your pet project for when your carer gives you 'computer time'. I'm sure nothing relieves the stress from a good day spent being the office/ school/ pub bore and releases you from your socially awkward existence like a good bash on your dribble proof keyboard.

I'll cope – My skin is thick enough. I can check in from time to time and make sure you're keeping on task. Don't go winging if you catch a bit of flack from time to time in a well written, witty reply.

Or you can act like a normal human being, you can send me a PM stating your grievances and these can be addressed. You can continue to reply to my posts, by all means, but in a manner fitting of this forum and relevant to the topic, as you would discuss something with someone face to face. At the moment you want to whip your testicles out at every opportunity. I'm sure that is ok in a Munich bathhouse with your gimp friends, but here, everything is public and recorded for all to see.

I don't know if I speak for the others but I certainly speak for myself.

There's the offer guys, now put up or shut up. Balls in your court.

Apologies; do continue.

The Dudeson's (1106 posts) • 0

Wow even now you are a self absorbed narcissist.

Anyway, could you please tell us again what you contributed to this thread, which are you trying so hard to protect from "us".

Wow, it;s an awesome show. I think you don;t even realize how ridiculous you make yourself look.

Why don't you PM me or others. And why don't you actually start contributing to subject other than just mocking, joking and being a terrible human being.

Check your posts and threads and show me one that isn't at least condescending.

You are the troll, so sorry for feeding.

Anyway I agree this is a serious subjects and for parents informative, so keep it clean and stay out Napoleon, you are not as cool and funny and important as you think you are.

So good bye! ;)

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