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I think students need to be liberated as well as managed - a little more idealism among students might help counteract the rather cynical pragmatism of much of society.

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Most rural college towns in the USA are just as sequestered as Chenggong. Fair amount of liberal arts and innovation going on in the five fingers lake area of upstate New York, so school zoning don't have much to do with that.

Geogramatt (194 posts) • 0

@AlexKMG Rural US college towns and Chinese Satellite city college towns are totally different, to compare them is to compare apples and oranges.

No where in the US is a university located in the distant exurban sprawl of a major city.

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@Michael2015 I know about the five year plans. I respectfully disagree that "testing pilot projects and then replicating them across the country" is a good idea. Every city has its own unique circumstances. Projects should be planned with the local economy, culture, and geography in mind, not cookie-cutter replications of a standardized form.

AlexKMG (2361 posts) • 0

There are plenty of commuter unis in the USA. A blanket statement like "no where in the US" is just silly given the huge number of colleges in the US. Just the UC Cal system alone can provide sequestered, commuter, and inner city uni examples. Furthermore, rural college towns and Chenggong both function primarily as student ghettos, which covers about 70% of similarities in my opinion.

Alien (3819 posts) • +1

'Development' in 'modern' societies, standardized forms and all, has all too often been a matter of cookie-cutter replication of the European and US models that developed from the industrial revolution, regardless of local conditions. Some of this has been beneficial for large numbers of people, some has not.

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