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Soft Mattress

GracieMei (34 posts) • 0

I have recently moved to KMG and am looking for a soft mattress. When I say soft, I don't mean "not a Chinese mattress". I mean, even by Western standards, I need a soft mattress. I've looked at old posts here, but I'd like to know if anyone has any new information about where I could purchase a soft mattress without paying 33,000 rmb, as a store here near where I live wanted to charge me for their genuine soft mattress. I'm thinking 3,000 rmb or less would be more in my budget. Thanks for any advice you can give. BTW, I have already tried 11 Furniture Store.

michael2015 (704 posts) • 0

If you can use taobao or tmall, you can order memory foam mattresses of varying thicknesses (up to and exceeding 20cm), that should do the trick. They'll be delivered rolled up and stuffed into a box or as a rolled up thing in a heavy duty postal/shipping bag. Delivery is usually quick.

The mattresses sometimes come with a chemical smell, but most these days are odorless - check the negative reviews and try to buy from vendors with reasonably prolific sales and long track records.

Finally - the mattresses, regardless of size, should cost less than CNY 1k, which should fit your budget nicely.

You'll also need a fitted cover sheet (or TWO if you plan on washing the sheet and hanging your laundry), which are also usually available from the mattress vendor.

Good luck and good sleeping!

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