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exchange rate RMB to EUR

tigertiger - moderator (5084 posts) • 0

The usual thing with using CC for cash, is that you pay interest from the day you withdraw the money and it is calculated daily. Even if you pay off the balance at the end of the month. Unlike using the CC for goods/services, where you don't pay interest until the end of the billing period, and then it is calculated monthly, unless the balance is cleared and then no interest fees are attracted.
That is true in the home country of the CC as well. A good reason to never use a CC for cash withdrawals.
Don't forget to check if there is an additional transaction fee (usually a flat fee) on top of the exchange rate difference.

christian4870 (68 posts) • 0

Hi guy´s,
let me introduce the DKB Visa card to you. If you are german, austrian or swiss, it is common to get such a creditcard free of charge, if you make an account with them. I use this account only for geting cash uproad. I do not pay anything for this, but I always keep some money on this account and I get interests of 0,6% per anno for my money on the account. And they garantee that you can get cash money in any country worldwide without any fee´s. I do this since many years.
If you are able to read german, or translate it with crome or simular:

lemon lover (897 posts) • 0

Lucky you.

DSB = Das kan Bank
However I am banking with the EIPALAYPB = the "Everything is possible as long as you pay bank".
I can't even change bank because no bank will give me a credit card without a steady income. So I keep as little as possible at the EIPALAYPB and just use them for things that can only go with having a CC like renting a car.
You might think I am stupid but I never chose for the EIPALAYPB. My proper bank got taken over by the EIPALAYPB because privatisation was the right thing to do and having a state owned bank (Which 80% of the ordinary people used to great satisfaction) was not allowed any more. Now I pay a monthly fee for just having a CC which I use maybe twice a year and pay for the fat bonuses for the brilliant bankers who lead (Read screw-up) this bank. And then I was lucky that I don't pay tax there because in 2008 the taxpayers had to pay the bill for this screwing around at the EIPALAYPB.

christian4870 (68 posts) • 0

I just saw, that my title of this thread is wrong and misleading. It should have be called: exchange rate EUR to RMB (not the other way), maybe a mod can change this?

faraday (210 posts) • 0

In 2008 you could get 11 RMB for 1 EUR, today not even 7.5 (about the same as 2001).
As for those from the UK, in 2007 1 quid gave 15.5 RMB - today 8.5.

voltaire (225 posts) • 0

External economists are tipping the RMB to fall heavily (conservatively 10%, perhaps 30%) in the next 6-12 months.

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