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Chinese minister's outburst

mike4g_air (788 posts) • 0

Perhaps Baijiu withdrawal??

Canadian government has expressed its dissatisfaction with China after its foreign minister scolded a Canadian reporter over a question on human rights.
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called a Canadian journalist "irresponsible" for asking about human rights during a news conference in Ottawa

Such behaviour would never be tolerated from any Canadian official during an official trip to China.

"If we go to Beijing, as ministers or MPs, we were always told there are certain historical and cultural aspects of the Chinese that we have to be deferential to — and respectful of — and then he comes here and disrespects our values," he told CBC News. "So that was unacceptable."[...]

michael2015 (718 posts) • 0

I saw the original video and the government official's response was spot on. Western media is typically, predictably, and monotonously adversarial.

I'm more curious as to why he appeared to lose his cool.

Definitely something more to that story, that we'll probably never know, unless Snowden can wikileaks more recent and current NSA files.

The Dudeson's (1106 posts) • 0

Not all western media is like that. American media, perhaps.

So, how about Chinese media? ...any better.

I agree, journalists asking the wrong (right) questions were deported during the games and are now.

rejected_goods (336 posts) • 0

hahaha, "saw the original...."?

does the minister answer the question raised? was the question sensational?
to whom the question was addressed?
how was the question answered by the canadian "Foreign Minister" ?

someone might have to be in the press room to answer the above. hhahahhah

Noodley (26 posts) • 0

He has a point. Why would a journalist do this, fully knowing that no Chinese minister will directly answer that question?

AlexKMG (2361 posts) • 0

Isn't his job a to be a diplomat to foreign nations? If you make the news by having the leader of the country you are in critique you, major fail.

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

Yes, the western press distorts too, but the question seems like a good one to me. People who can't stand the heat should get out of the kitchen.

redjon777 (560 posts) • 0

Alien puts it on point, at the end of the day it's their job to brush off these questions. Thought it came in the training.

On a quick off thread comment I really don't see the point in deletion. Not even trying to be sly about it now lol.

JanJal (1087 posts) • 0

Chinese government is at least portraying intentions to reform the government culture in the country for greater transparency.

Press, even if subdued, is important channel in that, and attacking a reporter or his motives instead of answering the question does not go long way toward that goal.

Of course this is just an individual person and we all make mistakes sometimes.

Few articles in Chinese constitution are indeed good reading, when compared to the actual situation on the ground in this country.

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