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Any Serious Coffee Place to Visit in Town?

EmileCioran (13 posts) • 0

Luckily I like both pu'er cha and coffee. I am not a connoisseur and we make our own here at the apartment 99% of the time, of both. A lot of coffee stands that seem to gravitate more towards the Starbucks end of things but I can usually find a decent black cup of coffee somewhere. I feel Chinese people are also coffee drinkers. It has been my experience personally. Like Britain or India tea may be the national drink but lots of coffee going on here.

henryjne (4 posts) • 0

Thank you all for your kind info. Will try to find the one near Yunnan University per I'm hanging around Cuihu this afternoon. Cheers!

Xiefei (539 posts) • 0

Elephant Books, in the basement behind Mazagran Cafe (both should be listed in the GoKunming listings), does some really good single origin pourovers and blend-based espressos. They're definitely on the pricey side, but the coffee and atmosphere are quite nice. If the boss is there, he could tell you about some of the roasters and other cafes in town.

Someone else mentioned that Salvador's has Hani Coffee, but that's not right. Last I checked, they were serving their own roasts of Yunnan-based organic grower Manlao River. Manlao is kind of mid-range, but the price isn't too bad.

fabey (124 posts) • 0

Per May 1st annual tradition, the coffee festival (dubbed “正儿八经咖啡节”) is being held outside Tongde Kunming Plaza for the third or fourth year running. Free coffee tasting of local and international coffee brands. Reportedly 80 coffee merchants/vendors are participating in this wuyi holiday festival at the intersection of Beijing Lu and Baiyun Lu:


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