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True Story

HFCAMPO (3062 posts) • 0

事不关己,高高挂起 - shi bu guan ji, gao gao gua qi -

There are 3 clotheslines outside our window where people from our building hang their clothes to dry. We use our balcony so we do not put our clothes outside on the clothesline.

However, on some windy days some articles of clothing will fall off the line. If I am outside I will immediately pick them up and hang them up on the line. However, ALL other people just pass by right past the clothing of their dear neighbors. To this day I have not seen a single person pick up anything, unless it belongs to them.

mickeyh (119 posts) • 0

Then it's a good thing that these poor, uncivilised Chinese have us white people to teach them the right ways to live!

mickeyh (119 posts) • 0

My apologies then. Replace "white" with "non-Chinese".

HFCAMPO (3062 posts) • 0

OK Marcus. So how long did you stay with your host family in Ohio? What was your major at that time?

One-Hit Wonder (89 posts) • 0

'Then it's a good thing that these poor, uncivilised Chinese have us white people to teach them the right ways to live!'

So you you're saying you wouldn't pick up the clothing? Or you would pick up the clothing, but still defend the people who don't because it's cultural?

Never mind. I don't think I want to know.

mickeyh (119 posts) • 0

OHW, I am neither defending nor promoting the action. I am making a point about the attitude and tone of the OP's post.

zhudan (204 posts) • 0

@Campo I agree with you. I have seen this backwards behavior myself. I even had some clothes stolen by some local lowlife that I had hung out to dry pm some of the gym equipment here. Piggish behavior. If not white people them some sort of people have to train these troglodytes.

_shara_ (98 posts) • 0

do you think there is some reason they don't pick them up, e.g. in case other people might think they are going to steal them? I once went to pick up a lady's phone which she dropped in the bathroom to give it back to her and she seemed to be shouting something very urgently at me about not picking it up she was coming (though my Chinese was not good enough to understand). She seemed surprised when I said I was just going to give it to her. p.s. I wash my hands so I don't think that was the reason she didn't want me to pick it up though could have been :).

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