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What things have you literally found in China?

mickeyh (119 posts) • 0

Wow...some real cynicism here.

I have never found money on the street. I would love to!

Napoleon (1187 posts) • 0

I once found my phone that had been stolen 3/4 days previous. I found it in a second hand phone shop when I was on my way to buy a new phone.

mickeyh (119 posts) • 0

Is there ever anything, and I mean anything, posted in these forums, that is positive about China?

Napoleon (1187 posts) • 0


I recognised it, asked to see it. I told the lady this phone was mine, told her the story and told her some of the numbers that were in it. It was all in English, obviously, but those details were confirmed and she gave it back to me.

and I lived happily ever after.

The Dudeson's (1106 posts) • 0

You lucky son of a gun! Awesome story, and lucky that she gave it back to you. Could have ended nastier, or more troublesome.

What do you expect? This is a very cruel and raw place, so from an international viewpoint, there isn't too much awesome stuff happening.

I think a good day, is when nobody is trying to cheat and beat you. When you are treated like a human being and not observing humankind's bad habits and nastiness, enjoying time with your Chinese partner[s] and nice Chinese friends, -I would call that a good and positive day.

I mean look at the government agendas, what country has to teach and preach their people to behave, internationally and domestically, because they show the worst possible. That can't be just people 'not-liking-China'.

I had a little 9 year old student, she doesn't like Chinese, because she thinks they behave badly, in and outside China.

mickeyh (119 posts) • 0

Dudesons, I simply disagree with your intense, cynical pessimism. I, and many other non-Chinese, simply do not have these daily, horrible experiences that you seem to have.

I mean, I go out among the people daily, and I have yet to have anyone "cheat and beat" me. I have literally never had such a problem with Chinese. My personal experience has been positive. I find Chinese people to be robust, fun-loving, polite, and kind. Again, I think it depends on the attitude of the foreigner, but that is just my opinion.

I genuinely am sorry and sympathetic that most of your China experiences have been horrible times of theft, beating, murder, filth, cheating, etc. I guess the gods have different fates for all of us.

But please do realize that many of us have good times here. I wonder where you live, and what you do, to attract nothing but horrible experiences.

And if you think this place is "cruel and raw", you should try hanging out in, say, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, for a while.

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