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Subway Sandwich Shop

goldie122 (645 posts) • 0

@vicar... If you are concerned, there's nothing there you can't buy yourself and stick in a box for lunch.

That's one of those sentences I have to read several times.

Actually, as I type this I get it. My problem this time.

So nobody answered... do they have meatball or not?

Dazzer (2807 posts) • 0

'not trying to argue' no not much. the troll is on the loose. is it mm agin? don't feed it samiches or mixian

goldie122 (645 posts) • 0

But I do have to agree... eating grilled chicken and vegetables is a great meal, health wise and it tastes good. But I seem to have to eat so much to get full with those and it's no longer a cheap meal.

And the Subway vegetables are washed in the same water as your street food vegetables.

It's funny... we shouldn't drink the water because it's contaminated. We have to wash the vegetables because they are contaminated. But if we wash these vegetables in that water, they are magically ok?

One-Hit Wonder (89 posts) • 0

"do they have meatball "

Good point. If they have meatball, it's a no-brainer because packing meatballs in a lunch box is tricky without getting the bread soggy.

Quester (232 posts) • 0

Any word yet on whether the other branch, at TongDe on Beijing Lu, has opened yet? Is it likely to be just a counter like downtown, or will it be a restaurant with its own internal seating?

Napoleon (1182 posts) • 0

I decided today to make a specialist visit to Subway Sandwiches. I was hoping to prove what I said earlier in the thread regarding it to be the devil's work, and that I can make a better sandwich by myself at home. I also wanted to compare price between what I would spend making one myself and a Subway sandwich.

I came down the escalator and instead of stopping at the sushi restaurant, the HK restaurant or the Vietnamese restaurant I headed straight towards the sandwich shop.

As the shop came into view what immediately struck me was the western yuppie with an oversize computer on the tables outside the shop. Clearly the man couldn't go anywhere without his computer, not even to buy a sandwich. Another potential customer sizing up the menu shut himself off from the outside world with a ridiculous set of headphones which would have doubled as ear warmers had it been winter, two huge pieces of music blasting plastic were separated by his small head dressed with the tattiest hat you had ever seen on anyone not begging for money.
As I joined the reasonably shaped queue forming along the counter, my suspicions regarding the clientele of these establishments were confirmed when 3 young girls queuing behind me went on and on with 'I was like, then he was like, then everyone was literally just like,,,' without actually using any adjectives to decorate their conversation.
I also noticed I was the only person in the queue wearing socks. All of the other trendy young things with me in the queue may find themselves battling with the ever untrendy athletes foot in months to come.

After listening to their drivel for a few minutes I found myself at the front of the queue. I was given a selection of 2 or 3 kinds of bread, I don't remember any of them being brown bread, but could be mistaken and I much prefer white anyway. I can't remember which one I chose.

I often make sandwiches myself, usually to act as a dinner over the course of a working day. I wanted to compare what I could make with what Subway could throw together, therefore instead of choosing the Chicken Tepeyaki or Steak and Cheese (I would have preferred these two, but don't make these kinds of sandwiches myself) I went with traditional ham.

The choice of sandwiches was pretty basic. I was passed down a line of workers, each having a specialist job to perform, meat, vegetables and sauce. The sauce guy was very generous with his portion, to the point of me nearly having a mayonnaise sandwich with the odd bit of filling, Lettuce was very crisp and fresh looking, had olives and dill, very impressed. I cant be sure but thinking back they may not have put butter on their sandwiches, very odd indeed.

Just as I was coming to pay I saw some very nice biscuits and asked for a couple. Being an American establishment I was then asked if I wanted anything else, despite having bought a sandwich and a biscuit and to my knowledge them not selling anything else bar sandwiches and biscuits. Passed this off as just American hard selling and said No. Bill for sandwich was 20 odd I think. Sandwich was nicely wrapped and given to me in a Subway plastic bag, so that when I throw it away the binman can be subjected to Subway Sandwich shops advertising.

Ate the sandwich later that night, the proof being in the eating and that, surpassed expectations. Also, and maybe this is down to the ham I buy, it was much cheaper than any sandwich I can make myself given the ingredients, maybe a full 10 yuan or so cheaper. The biscuits I got were even better and I finished feeling fully amiable towards my Subway Sandwich experience.

Would I go again? I wouldn't make a habit of it but I may buy 2 or 3 sandwiches and see how long they last, then do a bulk buy, not living near the city centre,

Subway has been vindicated in my opinion. Some of it's customers not so much.

goldie122 (645 posts) • 0

Eating the sandwich later that night, I'm surprised you were happy with it. It doesn't take too long for the bread to get soggy with the sauces and tomatoes.

Since you were doing a taste test, you should have eaten it right away as with any freshly prepared food.

One-Hit Wonder (89 posts) • 0

"I also noticed I was the only person in the queue wearing socks."

Did you notice if they were wearing underwear? Who cares what people waiting in line are wearing?

Holier-than-thou because I don't eat mixian and I wear socks.

AlexKMG (2361 posts) • 0

@The Dudeson's. Wow, you sometimes don't get diarrhea after eating shaokao? I'm usually predicting if it's five or fifteen minutes after. I have yet to get diarrhea from any subway sandwich, even at the really ghetto ones surrounded by homeless people. Subway bread sucks since 2014. Wish they would bring back that chemical.

redjon777 (563 posts) • 0

@napoleon you really brought the subway experience to life lol, I've never known any queues to be social places so that part won't of downgraded it.

Have to agree with goldie, why leave a sandwich till later to test, everyone knows the longer a sandwich is left the mushier it will get (a saucy sandwich anyway).

Should have had the steak & cheese as well, my fave. Just jealous I've still not been :)

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