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Good news for Mexican Food lovers in China

zhudan (204 posts) • 0

When people say fact food they always think of the US of course, as I do. But what the US has is in fact the best fast food. China has fast too in many forms but it all sucks. The big one is that horrid place Dicos. More expensive than McDonalds but lacking in one edible product. The streets are loaded with McDonald's and Kfc knocks off. One near me had the cute name of Crab Burger. These places usually serve up greasy chicken burgers that have raw meat in the center at high prices. Their beef burgers, if they never have one, are the most vile burgers on the face of the earth. Chinese people love fact food but they do not know how to make it. And typically it is not all that fart too.

Haali (1176 posts) • 0

zhudan seems to be missing an s on his keyboard!
Beef burgers definitely are fart food.

goldie122 (645 posts) • 0

Hugo... that's the most expensive burrito ever! And you still have to buy the meat, cheese and veges!

Hate when taobao sellers really gouge people.

Like wiffle ball. I wanted to buy a wiffle ball and bat but it was like 2 hundred something for that damn piece of plastic.

goldie122 (645 posts) • 0

Last year my colleague brought frisbees back from Canada... starting teaching his students. They LOVED it. It's a fun game for sure.

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