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Good news for Mexican Food lovers in China

redjon777 (560 posts) • 0

@JeanDP I don't think no ones's excited lol, just another s**t option when you've had your fill of the local grub :)

Surely you have those days when mixian don't cut it ;)

goldie122 (645 posts) • 0

"I don't think no ones's excited"... so does that mean everyone is excited?

Actually I would be excited, but it's probably not coming to our town anytime soon.

tallamerican (396 posts) • 0

Think most pretend to be excited just to see how Matt will react. Works every time. I call it Taco Hell in USA, great if i want to purify myself quickly.

Peter99 (1246 posts) • 0

As a (wannabe celebrity) chef you are supposed to say burgers taste like plastic, mixian has authentic flavors, and so on. Its as if the moviestars would be go around saying "play it again, Sam" for decades. Just performance and a robotic coding.

Edit. In conclusion, its about time the "celebrity" chefs deal with the fact that people like to eat a Big Mac every now and them. And trash their same old record playing on and on.

JeanDP (77 posts) • 0

Peter99, celebrity chefs are not always right, of course. But there is such a thing as objectively good food, and bad food. For example, if someone thought that a Taco Bell burrito were better than a handmade burrito from, say, a trained chef in Mexico, then that person would be wrong.

Tonyaod (824 posts) • 0

Where have We heard this argument before? It's like Groundhog day, over and over again.

Good and bad is, by definition, subjective. Objectively good is a contradiction in terms. What a oxymoron.

JeanDP (77 posts) • 0

Tonayaod, bot sure what you are talking about, but I will comment on your idea that food is subjective. If food is purely subjective, then there would be no such thing as cuisine, or even culinary training. We would all just eat whatever bark and bugs we found. Surely there is something that can be called good food in the world?

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