Metro is online in Kunming

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They do deliver [along Beijing Lu and off a bit] but I forget the purchase limit. I think it's 2000RMB minimum.

But they have a pick up counter, so you don't have to wait there and cue up. You purchase online and it's waiting there for you. At least that's what they told me.

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I just checked their website. But the English version site on google chrome, is full of bugs.

It won't let me chose the store, which I guess is important, unless you want to pick up your coffee and chicken nuggets in Shanghai.

Most product, I know they have in the store, are posted "can't be found'.

I hope they fix it. That way I can shorten my monthly metro runs.

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I'm using Safari and Firefox. No problems and all items have prices and the occasional "pick up only" banners for non-deliverables, such as huge plastic storage boxes and perishables.

Metro delivers most non-perishable things (except where noted, such as large boxes). First 1kg is ¥12. Each successive kg is ¥2, which isn't too bad, if you don't have access to a car or e-bike, or are just lazy, like me.

I'll update this post later, to verify Metro actually delivers, as advertised.

Also - you'll need access to Unionpay (they have an English site link in there somewhere) or your own online USB banking dongles. You can also pay with Alipay.

Registering requires your passport #. You'll have to prefix your passport number with leading zeros (e.g. 000xxx) in order to hit the 18 digits in standard Chinese ID cards.

You'll also need to provide your mobile number, so they can send you verification code numbers (6 digit SMS).

Metro is typically more premium than online (if you know how to shop) and shopping in person - but you have the added confidence (maybe) that products you buy are genuine, perhaps akin to tmall.com

We compared baby formula prices for a single product that we use, and for a 24 pack of 500ml sodas, and the cost is the same as picking up from our neighborhood baby formula store and ordering online. The shipping fees are moderate.

Our baby products store delivers gratis, so we'll stick with them, at least for formula. We buy baby wet wipes and diapers online, as they're heavy and or cumbersome.

Hopefully this info is useful to those who find tmall, taobao, jd.com, et al complicated, because of the language issue(s).

Oh, don't forget to "set your default store" to the Kunming Beichen branch.

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