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TenWest Language School Opinions?

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

Why is it that a discussion of the merits/demerits of a particular language school must involve negative characterizations of 1&1/2 billion people?
How bout we do this: "Some foreigners complain a lot about taxis in Kunming. This is because all foreigners are a**holes"?

The Dudeson's (1106 posts) • 0

"How bout we do this: "Some foreigners complain a lot about taxis in Kunming. This is because all foreigners are a**holes"?"

Or the taxi service in Kunming is terrible, and the taxi drivers are lying, cheating a**holes.

Look the real asshole is the social upbringing in China, nobody is born an a-hole. But if your society forbids you, to admit any negative emotion, wrongdoing, mistake and prefers lying over anything else. Yes, you become internationally speaking a less desired member of society.

Are a lot of foreigners are a-holes...hell yeah, but they have the ability to hear that opinion and admit it[most]. Without beating the crap out of you, or do other terrible things, because you hurt their national pride of not being angels.
...I can be an a-hole....don't you agree?

Plus, I dunno when someone said the all Chinese are a-holes? Did I say that...?? lol

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

I have yet to meet a lying cheating cabbie in Kunming, but I'm sure there are some. Haven't noticed that '(Chinese) society...prefers lying over anything else'.
How bout this: "Some foreigners on gokunming forums can't stick to the topic"? I'll admit my guilt.

klughart (3 posts) • 0

You don't ride many taxi then.

Try to come from the airport after 9 at night, or on the street after buses stop

Napoleon (1183 posts) • 0


I think the cheating cabbies all congregate in a few places. My experience is generally you should be alright waving one down from the street, but try getting one from a bus station or from a group of waiting taxis outside the city centre and it's a different matter. China may also be the only country in the world were when walking down the street you could be approached for lifts without asking for ridiculous prices, which even if you insist on not taking them is annoying at the least. The only place where a fee higher than a taxi ride is given to someone they believe to be hitchhikers. It's madness and avarice for money in the extreme.


I can't see any school teaching 昆明话, after all despite the suffix it is just an accent with some local slang mixed in. Another language all together could be Uiiger, Mongol, Tibetan, even Cantonese or Wu, but not Kunming Hua. The spoken language here is almost exactly the same as Wuhanhua, Hunanhua etc. I think you''re making too much of an effort to learn what is essentially just putting at the end of a few words in striving for 普通话 which is just Chinese in a Dongbei, Hebei, Tianjin, Beijing accent.

Backpack (11 posts) • 0

@Alien No, you are right. I'm totally with you on that. Accent (different tones) and word choice account for most of the differences.

@The Dudeson's I'm going to bow out of this discussion here as I believe neither of us are going to change our minds, and from here on out it looks like name calling and other ad hominem attacks will be the order of the day for both of us.

TwoBirds (3 posts) • 0

I want to recommend this language school because of its outstanding service. The staff have been so patient and kind. For example, they helped us, on a national holiday (Oct. 1st) to sign a lease for our Kunming apartment. They assisted us A LOT with visa issues. What's more, they started having classes at our home, for a tiny extra fee, as my pregnancy advanced. Then, on the day of our son's birth here, they (including the headmaster, Albert Yang), spent the whole day in the hospital with my in-laws until after the birth around 10:00 pm, just in case any help was needed. We're so thankful for TenWest!

Dirlene (1 post) • 0

I’ve been studying at TenWest for almost 2 years. I’m very satisfied with their service. The teachers are responsible, kind and patient. Welcoming environment and good facilities. And they also help us to handle life’s problems (car issues, visa etc). TenWest also offer special activities (cooking class, chinese calligraphy, many different subjects) for free. So, we can practice our chinese and learn more about the culture!!!

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