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Printing in colour

Lisey (14 posts) • 0

Does anyone know where I could go in Kunming (I'm near Kunming Hotel, in TuoDong) to print stuff off in colour, rather than black or white? (with reasonable quality)


michael2015 (655 posts) • 0

Lisey. If you're IN the Kunming Hotel - you can TRY to ask the concierge o help. Look for any big business building - there's ALWAYS at least one mom and pop printer shop (usually several) within walking distance.

MOST printer shops, including mom and pop shops, have color LASER printers (so you don't have to settle for wet/damp color ink jet copies). Dongfang Lu is nearby the hotel (the major police station which handles visas is there, along with most of the major bank main branches), so there'll be a cornucopia of mom n pop printers in and around the alleyways and side streets.

voltaire (225 posts) • 0

Plenty of print shops. Glossy paper full A4 photo colour images, per page, is about 7. For documents it should be a lot less, maybe 2 or so.

There is one I've used just north of the corner of Tuodong and Beijing Lu.

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