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3 days in Kunming, where should I spend it?

joelthegsmith (1 post) • 0

I am American but am working in Chongqing. I have a few days off and will be spending Feb 20th-22nd in Kunming alone.
What should I see, what should I do?
Outdoors, hiking, art, coffee are my interests.
My Chinese is limited.

Peter99 (1246 posts) • 0

There are seagulls at Green Lake. Then a Bird and flower market that has been in construction for about 15 years, but a few corners ok. Theres a western hill with views. Thats about it.

Kunming was changed beyond recognition, from a soulful city to a soulless grey soviet like place.

tigertiger - moderator (5080 posts) • 0

Check out the article on local business openings at the head of the home page. A lot of bars/coffee shops will be closed for the holidays. Why? because Kunming is pretty dead over the hols.
Kunming is a springboard for travel into Yunnan, but despite what the local govt/people think/say, it really isn't geared up for tourists.

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

I think Peter overstates - actually the city has been becoming more capitalist-modern, like most large cities in China, and not soviet-like - still, it's not as funky as it used to be. But Tiger is right - most of the interesting stuff to visit in Yunnan is not in Kunming.
Bars and coffee shops will be open by the time you get here, holidays essentially over.

Western Hills is worth a visit. Also, Bamboo Temple. Neither involves real hiking, though you can hike around the Western Hills for 2-3 hours - do the main route, then get off it, probably will be quite a few tourists.
Not sure about the seagulls' schedules, but they may have left town by Feb. 20.
Good coffee at Salvador's, & that's also a place to meet expats who may be able to direct you in more detail.
For art, see gokunming articles, and forum contributions by xiefei.

JanJal (1027 posts) • 0

Jump on train as soon as you arrive, and head east from Kunming to Luoping, and stop at Shilin too if you want. Both have world class natural sights, although largely capitalized and on the expensive side.

zhudan (204 posts) • 0

If you're like me and like to sit inside all day and do nothing this city is great. If you actually like to get out and have fun you may run into some snags. Yea those sea gulls have about worn out their welcome I think. You can sit at one of those goofy mod coffee shops with Charlie Chaplin posters and admire the fashion sense of the Kunming ladies. This year it seems to be bright red coats with leather black pants and the obligatory knees high black boots.

bucko (683 posts) • 0

WTF?? I'd rather watch grass grow than flocks of pooping seagulls !

Best to crawl under your bed and wait for the holidays to pass.

Me? At the moment I,m watching a beautiful sunset from Palos Verdes Starbucks. Once the holiday is over, I,ll return to Kunming.

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