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Where do the Gulls Go at Night?

Trumpster (74 posts) • 0

Sorry to burst your bubbles but the video has been debunked. As pointed out in the reporting by the local news station, there are no tropical trees in Zhaotong as shown in the video, also the accent is clearly not Yunnanhua.

On a side note, this examplifies what is wrong with the (mis)information age that the internet has brought us. When you take away the gatekeepers of information, every Tom, Dick, and Harry can pass off anything as legitimate and well meaning people pass it on, furthering its air of legitimacy.


Ishmael (462 posts) • -2

Could there also be a problem with the authorities who appoint gatekeepers?

GoKunming (125 posts) • +1

Thanks all for the feedback.

The article has been removed and a lesson has been learned: more thorough checks in the future before we share news.

Too bad it was fake news, it was a beautiful video.

Ishmael (462 posts) • 0

Yes, it was. Please let us know if you find out where it came from.

satii (78 posts) • 0

Thus the beauty of peer review.

Thank you Trumpster for fact checking, and GoKunming for mistake admission and retraction... hallmarks of responsible journalism in response to mistakes incurred unintentionally or maliciously, which happens to the best of news outlets or 'gatekeepers.'

My apologies to all for being GULLible. For the unknowing dissemination of misinformation to readers if in fact the source of my news of their current Zhaotong whereabouts turn out false.

My understanding from past experience is gulls arriving Km closer to end of October near November 1st.

tigertiger - moderator (5061 posts) • 0

I was sent that video yesterday by Wechat, and it was later attributed to a bird migration in Taiwan.Which may or may not be correct. Even the best of us can get caught.

cloudtrapezer (756 posts) • 0

Yes apparently it was Taiwan and they're not gulls but some kind of crane? Anyway I was taken in too. Sorry. It's still a great video though

JanJal (1003 posts) • +2

Can't fool a toddler though.

Wife was showing me this yesterday, to which our two year old commented "bird!" and "mountain!" - all correct.

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