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KevinVV (5 posts) • 0


I'm going to KUST next month to study Chinese for one semester. According to the KUST brochure, the student apartments are 120-160 RMB per day/per room. This seems a bit expensive... Or is this per ROOM only and can 2 or more students stay in one apartment? Does anyone have info on the student apartments?


Daithi (426 posts) • 0

Dunno, but u could stay in a nice hostel for waaaaay cheaper then that. Especially if its only for one semester.

zhudan (204 posts) • 0

You can rent an apartment for much much less. That school is screwing you.

xxtrick (5 posts) • 0

21krmb + for one semester.

for that you can rent a fully furnished villa and take a taxi back and forth every day, and have a full time maid. 9000rmb (probably way less than that) for 6 months you can share an apartment within walking distance of the school.t

shit i pay 700rmb a month with one roommate and i live on longquan lu. takes like 30mins with traffic to go to city center

KevinVV (5 posts) • 0

I will probably stay at the student dorms, then. But they are so cheap I don't really know what to expect.. 2-person rooms might by okay.

Dazzer (2807 posts) • 0

21k for one semester you can rent an appt for year for that if in chenggong area of city. student dorms expect no quiet as most ch stoodents dont do any work and some just play noisy games until light s out

mPRin (821 posts) • 0

There are small one bedroom apartments and studios in the South of Kunming (not as far as Chengong- Still relatively central) for less than 1000rmb a month, lettable on a three month basis. If you buy a bike/ebike, the distance isn't a problem.

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