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Building a prefab home

Hans66 (10 posts) • 0

That's why i want a prefab house. To move it in case they want the land back and because in China they are absolutely trendy and easy and superfast to build

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

I haven't noticed that they are trendy in China, but then there are a lot of things I don't know. Anyway, good luck.

vicar (817 posts) • 0

The Gobi desert shouldn't be a problem. You may even get 100 year lease...start your own town even! Worked in Vegas

vicar (817 posts) • 0

In kunming it would be impossible due to regulations and the high chance that others would copy the construction if allowed. So many unfinished or destroyed private buildings around in China for one reason or another

YuantongsiYuantongsi (716 posts) • 0

If you could consider the countryside around Kunming than you can rent land from the local village head for about 3-4000rmb a mu a year. As long as you are able to move if the lease is broken then this would be an option.

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

Having the construction copied by others would only be a problem if you wanted to patent your prefab, no? I doubt if you'd wind up surrounded by clones.

AlexKMG (2361 posts) • 0

There is "Box Park" in the south guangfu area. Go live in a container there. Bonus you'll have some restaurants as neighbors.

Hans66 (10 posts) • 0

To be precise: the 10 container house would not be a condo, but a single custom designed family villa. That's why i have to build it.

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