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time to get rid of the semicolon

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Non, although both, like countries, can sometimes make use of semicolons, which only exist in the mind. English teachers, too, can do this, just as they make use of the CONCEPTS of continents like Africa and America (or: the Americas), which also exist only in the mind.
Meanwhile, of course, the continents themselves, if you could only find them, wouldn't care in the least.

To simplify, then: you and the continents and countries and so forth are all really part of each other - although the semicolons are a different matter entirely, unless you are merely interested in their physical, written form (i.e.: ;), which is rather boring. Written words are like that too - thank God (also primarily in the mind) for calligraphy.

Now I think I've got this right, but I'm open to critical review. :)

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Once the armies of grammar advanced, the guerrilla authors withdrew; the armies made camp, the guerrillas surrounded and harassed; the armies withdrew, the guerrillas pursued.

Then cellphones were invented.

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