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traveling to thailand/vietnam/cambodia?

bryantdoconnor (2 posts) • 0

hey so I'm trying to take a trip soon and trying to make check out thailand and vietnam (with possibly a stop in cambodia, maybe see angkor wat?). i am looking for best ways of travel. not trying to spend too much money, but don't have a ton of time either wo willing to fly if need be. any advice on where to start and places to go would be appreciated! thanks

Zan_Mari_Star (1 post) • 0

Hey! I'm traveling to Vietnam on the night of the 27th or morning of the 28th (depending on the trains). You are more than welcome to travel with me! I'm taking the train to the Vietnamese border and then my first stop in Vietnam will be Sapa, then Hanoi, then Halong Bay. I can also direct you to Thailand, because I've lived there for two years. Here is my wechat: TeacherZan

walter (48 posts) • 0

Expensive to fly to Vietnam or Laos, Cambodia prices vary. Chiang Mai return including tax is 1700RMB at the moment (China Eastern). Bangkok is usually a bit over 100USD each way with Air Asia. Vietnam is cheap and easy to reach overland but it takes effectively 2 days or a full day and night to get to Hanoi. There is a new super fast train line from Yuxi to Hekou, not sure if it's open yet.

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