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Running - Track and Field venue

sbarella (105 posts) • 0

Hi, does anybody know about track and field venues in Kunming (ideally not too far from city center/green lake/north train station area)? I have heard there's one at the end of Yi Er Yi Da Jie towards Xiao Cai Yuan intersection, and one further up north near University of Finance and Economics. Is there an entrance fee and how much is it?
There's one on Xuefulu, which was mentioned in an old forum here on GoKunming, but it is no longer accessible to the public (I have checked myself and I was politely asked to leave..)
If not, somewhere else suitable for fast-paced running training? Thanks!

Xiefei (519 posts) • 0

There's a soft tar (is that what you call it?) track at the Wuhua Gymnasium. Seems to be free entry during the day. It's a little bit patchy, but definitely usable. I get night access with my membership at the gym next door, and I haven't broken any legs yet.

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