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Hospital recommendations for giving birth

lemon lover (1000 posts) • 0

@ Misfit
These numbers say little about the quality of hospital care.
In the US drug use (including alcohol) and severe obesities have a negative effect in a much higher degree than in China.

Mario007 (42 posts) • 0

@misfit Again i've been to other hospitals and did talk a lot of locals before settling on Angel (as someone who owns a toddler care center I've pretty much talked to all the parents that we have at school and compared their experiences). Looking at other hospistals and the standard of care that they provide I'm pretty confident Angel is the best option. It's just that there is still that they need to improve on.

Also Angel isn't really an Expat hospital. It's very much 99% a chinese patients hospital. In fact Angel is very very popular, but expensive. Most people who have some bit of money actually do go to Angel.

Also not sure what you're trying to prove with US and China statistics, this topic isn't about measuring weeners between the US and China.

JanJal (1228 posts) • 0

Yes - Chinese settle primarily for safe and efficient delivery, and (again, on average) do not put as much detail on how it gets done. Same for many services, medical or other. End result means more than the process, and in child delivery historically there are more valid reasons for that.

In case of foreigner experiences as described above, this goes deep in the system and the people working in the field are not (yet?) equipped to even consider other or better processes, because only the results in big picture matter.

In other words, "it doesn't matter if a cat is black or white so long as it catches mice"...

Scottish guy (30 posts) • +1

My baby was born in 昆明市妇幼保健院 (the hospital near Green lake) and honestly it was perfectly fine. While the service was not up to international standards, the medical care provided by the nurses and doctors was professional and to a high level. At every step of the pregnancy and birth they explained what was happening and why they needed to do xyz test. You could pay for vip service of desired. Here's a quick list of pros and cons in that hospital.

New spacious hospital building for pregnancy checks
Dedicated doctors for early pregnancy / late pregnancy / postpartum

Short queues
Helpful nurses give advice after birth

Make some appointments with doctors using wechat

4 person post birth rooms
Birthing unit can get busy because of the popularity of the place
Limited English (the nurses and doctor at the birthing unit spoke English)

Feel free to pm me for more details

misfit (113 posts) • 0

I haven't said that Angel isn't a good choice, I said in terms of quality and efficiency it's not the only choice in KM. If Angel is so popular as you said I can't explain why a lot of wealthy people I know didn't choose it. In my humble and limited experience I know other hospitals (Shi Fu You included) which have better feedbacks and, about them, I never heard about the lack of service you mentioned in your post.
About the statistics I posted, they simply show a decrease of fatality rate in China throughout the years (that goes together with the developments of the healthcare) so I think it's useful for the people who may think giving birth in public hospitals here is more dangerous than in other developed countries.

bubblyian (102 posts) • 0

We used Maria Hospital (birth in Jan 2022), on Beijing Road, near north railway station. We paid for a private room and were generally pleased with both pre-natal and ante-natal care, including a cesarian delivery. We plan to use it again for our next child (if and when....).

tigertigerathome (170 posts) • 0

My daughter went to Tongren Hospital, near the corner of Hongta Lu and Guangfu Lu. She had no complaints. One advantage of Tongren is that it is not huge, and not crowded. Like most of the hospitals, the VIP service is not expensive either.

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