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1 Yuan Bill - Interesting!

HFCAMPO (3062 posts) • 0

My wife recently made me aware that there is some printed words on the back of a 1 Yuan Bill. It is done by a religious group which I will not name because I do not want to be associated with it in any way. I have received 2 of them over the last few weeks. If one is not paying attention, it will be missed because it is printed very professionally and looks like it is part of the original note.

The 2 notes I have say different things. Again, I will not post what is written on this forum but do keep an eye out for them.

Crheine (17 posts) • 0

I'm surprised how many coins I get here. Un guangzhou I'd never seen a coin in years. Here they're everywhere. But now I'm curious so I'm on the hunt.....

yankee00 (1632 posts) • 0

There are also other prints on higher denominations from non-religious groups that don't want to be friends with the guys up there. If I ever came across those bills, I would rather get rid of them ASAP, as HFCAMPO said, you don't want to be associated in any way with those groups.

Xiefei (539 posts) • 0

Yeah, I've been seeing these for years as well. I just stuff them in with the rest of my cash and use it as normal. No one has ever given me any trouble for it.

bluppfisk (398 posts) • 0

It's always the same: "The communist party is evil, read the books of the Falungong". They're printed on anything from 1 to 10 yuan notes. Not seen them on 20 or 50 or 100 yet.

Sell them on eBay, pretty sensible!

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

I never look at the ¥1 notes and if I do happen to see anything printed - assume it's names (usually correct). At children's schools - they pay for their school lunches monthly and are generally required to scribble their names (in pencil) on major bills in the clear watermark area.

Now - in the USA, defacing US currency is actually illegal, so in theory and worst case scenario - you could expect an armed swat like invasion of your home, lead by the US Secret Service (they recently moved from Treasury to Homeland Security - so not sure if they still have the currency mandate) - be hurled to the floor with HEAVY knees in your back while they either handcuff or zipline your wrists, and shout lots of threatening things at your family, grandparents, and children while securing your home, tossing EVERYTHING from your closets and draws onto the floor, breaking anything breakable (lamps, vases, crystal) and worst case scenario (even worse) it was raining and they all tromped mud into your newly carpeted home, while concurrently destroying your newly laid sod or seeded lawn. And even worse case than that - the IRS is also involved and you or a family member are shot and killed during the allegedly legal home invasion.

Even worse - the police got the wrong address and blew into the wrong house...

Now, you would posit - such things are impossible and unrealistic in the USA, right? Such perfect storms of legal terror - just laotou's musings of impossible things, right?

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