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Future of the Yuan

AlPage48 (1269 posts) • 0

I took out 3,000 yuan the other day. Cost $150 CDN more than it did a few years ago. My pension is shrinking!

AlexKMG (2361 posts) • 0

The rmb fell against the American Dollar. You may not see that benefit if you're not living off USD, since many currencies are under pressure against the strong dollar and weak commodity prices.

Yeah, you pound users are lucky, get to divide by ten.

Geezer (1947 posts) • 0

I use this site to get FX rates.


Note: the rate you get at the ATM is a lot lower. When I was hedging currencies the my broker quoted rates per "bit," or $1MLN USD or more.

You should see the difference, in day to day rates, at the ATM.

Every six months or so, I would check the cost of 1000 yuan at 3 banks: BOC, CMB and ICBC. I would get 1000 yuan from each bank within a half hour. Most of the time the cost was the same.

If you are long on Yuan, do something. There is no clue as to how much it will be allowed to slide.

Napoleon (1187 posts) • 0

Dividing by whatever, spare a thought: Just before the Beijing Olyimpics I was exchanging my RMB for 2000000000 to the ZM$.

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