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Where to buy second hand motor bike?

Crheine (17 posts) • 0

I'm looking to get an ebike or electric scooter. I don't want to buy new since reselling hasn't fared well. For me in the past and don't want it to be even more a target for theft. Where would be a good place? A shop or maybe online site I could look into? Thanks

Cromson (128 posts) • 0

Check out 58.com or ganji.com, they also have mobile-apps. There you can find all kind of 2nd hand stuff for every chinese city. Bought my last e-scooter there, good price and just 2 months old. If you buy 2nd hand, insist on original invoice and also make a picture from the sellers ID-card, or else you could end up with a stolen bike and problems following. Good hunting!

Haali (1136 posts) • 0

bought mine in an ebike shop, most of the bikes there were new, but tucked away at the back were a few second hand ones.

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