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Kunming Taxi Service Is Very Good

tigertiger - moderator (5083 posts) • 0

Does anyone know what happened to the three strikes policy for BJ taxis introduced in 2013? I would love to see it introduced here.


In the regulation that took effect [May 2013], the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport states that commuters can use letters, e-mails or phone calls to file complaints about taxi services.
The regulation also states that the party receiving the complaints, including taxi companies or transport authorities, must respond within 15 days.
A taxi company could be fined as much as 28,000 yuan ($4,540) if the number of complaints filed by passengers against its drivers in six months is three times, or higher than the average.

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

@hammer: If it bothers you that much, take the bus, reduce the traffic congestion and avoid all the problems you've come up with. I find it difficult to appreciate all the problems that some people seem to have here. Obsessing about problems can be worse than the problems themselves.

Tonyaod (824 posts) • 0

Once again, Alien has missed the point. Sorry, quite bored at the moment so I'm trolling the boards.

PS, go out and enjoy the air Once in a while instead of obsessing over the problem and opinions of GoK members. Just a thought

fixitwithahammer (165 posts) • 0


I already, if not in general, avoid cars of all kinds and I am using public transportation as much as I can. Obviously Taxi's can't always be avoided. And I didn't mean to hurt you or offend you. Just pointing out that the service they voluntarily provide is bad or under average. Just saying they could do better. They are notoriously providing bad services and they know it but don't want to change. As seen in the weeks of the EXPO. They are little angels for those few weeks. Literally they day afterwards they go back to the same old routine. That is sad.

At last,...it is not a problem. It's just what it is.

forlorn (68 posts) • 0

Alien, you are spot on. So many foreigners here seem to have hundreds of debilitating problems on a daily basis. I personally do not have these problems. What are we doing differently?

forlorn (68 posts) • 0

So, Dazzer, just so I understand, in order to be humble, one must have horrible problems every day, and if one does not have such problems, one is demonstrating a superiority complex? That's rather silly.

fixitwithahammer (165 posts) • 0

Sorry I can't agree with you. When I am on business, I have to take a lot of cab rides.

Forlon, just throwing silly comments at me doesn't prove that I am wrong.

How many cabs do you have to take every day.

On normal weeks I have to take up to 10 cab rides. And I notice and mark things odd or bad, as well as good.

In Beijing I had to take cab rides, EVERY DAY! And not my favourite cab place, but much better and reliable than in Kunming. Sorry buddy.

If it hurts or trouble you, I am sorry.

I have no special bond with CD or SH, but all things considered their service and quality is so much better. You don;t have to agree, or like it, it just is!

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