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Hi guys,

I'd like to take my students on a trip, horse riding. I finally found the thread recently about horse riding but it only mentioned one place. I'm sure there must be more? I remember spotting a stables near the wild animal park some time ago.
Anyway, my idea is to take around 8 students horse riding and to make work sheets based on the trip. I was hoping there is somewhere that does group concessions OR even better 'riding in exchange for a few hours help at the stables- grooming, exercising, mucking out etc' Definitely something that is doable in my home country.. (in fact something I used to do every weekend as a kid) but China? I've no idea. Though would be good advertisement for the stables- they could take photos of the laowai at the stables and use them for advertising? Just a thought! :D
Anyone know of horse riding places in or near Kunming? We have the use of a school minibus if necessary. I'm interested in info on as many riding stables as possible so we can compare prices and propose my suggestions. We are on a budget of course, so the more places to call for prices/deals the better.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much in advance!

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Near 阳宗海 there is a place where you can practice horse riding and archery, and horseback archery. It's called 正己射箭俱乐部

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Hey, thank you a lot for your informations ! It looks nice !!
So if I go there 阳宗海, can I find it easily ?

If you have more informations about this place, please tell me

Thank you :)

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I'd like to know if the parents are keen on "out of the box thinking"?

We tried this out of the classroom teaching idea but leaders were hesitant on accident/insurance factors.

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No it's not that easy to find, you first take the bus to 汤池,and then it's hard to find.It's best if you call first and they can tell you :15987128733

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