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Broadband speed contest.

bucko (681 posts) • 0

I just took the bait when China Telecom offered me 100 MPS speed for another 400 RMB a year. So does it actually work?

Ookla results-

5/18/2015 1:57 AM GMT 86.10 Mb/s

VPN activated-
5/18/2015 11:28 PM GMT 20.87 Mb/s

Not too shabby! It took 40 minutes to dl two 1.5 gig movies at the same time.

Cromson (125 posts) • 0


Looks not bad, how much is the basic price you're paying?
I always have the feeling that my line is shared between all the neighbours in our house. Makes a 1M line out of an actual 6M line.

Also domestic and international speeds are two different shoes.

AlPage48 (1135 posts) • 0

Download speeds are also dependent on the speed at the other end.

If you have a 100 MBS line and the site your downloading from only has 4 MBS, then you still get 4 MBS.

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

The rated speed is the rated speed between your CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) and the provider.

Most DSL connections are shared by up to 250+ concurrent users (one Class C IP addressing segment - for those geeks out there) per "segment". Speed is further reduced when those users/subscribers go active - bandwidth hogs are the IPTV (internet television), videos, etc.

A 100 Mbps line will look great until more neighbors pile onto the bandwagon, so enjoy while you can.

Other things which can "slow" a blazing fast network connection - the DNS (domain Name Server), which translates things like into the IP address of the internet (

nnoble (889 posts) • 0

Beware of 'experts'. Not of what they say, more the detail. Ten households would typically share a single connection to a nearby broadband junction box in the UK. 250+ is a highly unlikely scenario at this particular segment - even with a rip-off ISP enjoying a monopoly position.

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