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Build-Your-Own MacBookPro

ksmcqueen (96 posts) • 0

Hmmm, I seem to remember someone on GoKunming in the last year offering MaCBOOK Pro...didn't read much at the time, as mine was fine. Now its dead dead dead, and I am wondering if anyone out there remembers the post to which I refer?
if such thing truly existed, I would like to check it out!

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

I bought it (aluminum MBP). Works great and great price, compared to second hand offerings on taobao!

You MAY want to look at the 2nd hand MB Pros on taobao etc for a replacement if your laptop is seriously bricked (aka you dropped it in the pool/bathtub/kids).

You may want to try the computer stores in and around 121 street and the east gate of Yunda (Green Lake) for Apple repair stores. SOMETIMES (unless you dropped it in the bathtub or have disaster prone kids) they can do wonders with bricked Apple laptops, to include new fake-branded chargers and batteries (which haven't exploded or caught fire ... yet). IF your laptop is truly bricked - they MAY buy it from you for salvageable parts (few hundred CNY)...unless you want to show off your iDoorStop.

On another note - have you tried the "power on" PRAM reset trick - SOMETIMES that will bring a seemingly bricked Apple laptop/desktop back to life. You can search Apple's support site (support.apple.com) for the specific instructions - search for "PRAM zap".

Somebody recently posted a MB Air - but it's too pricey for me - ¥5k+


Replace the screen with an ant farm, an "etch a sketch", or way more difficult - but extremely cool - a blacklight illuminated mini-jellyfish salt-water aquarium.

jopasny (184 posts) • 0

Let the battery drain by letting it sit for over a few days then try the reset instructions already posted. Worked for me after I plugged a sketchy metal cased USB key into an MBP.

AlexKMG (2385 posts) • 0

If that doesn't work, try putting it in the freezer for an hour. Yes, it sounds like computer voodoo, but it worked on my brother's macbook air. I'd try this last of all options.

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

One other thing - although your MBP may be out of warranty - SOMETIMES, if you take it to an AUTHORIZED Apple repair store, they'll let you buy the extended warranty (NOT inexpensive) and repair it through the extended warranty service.

...and the freezer thing actually worked on one of my friend's bricked iPods - although it's only a temporary solution.

The apple repair stores on and around 121 street will usually diagnose problems for free and give you a repair estimate.

walter (48 posts) • 0

I have an old one I'll get rid of if there's interest. It's pretty old though, has a dodgy power connector, and runs Linux right now... you'd have to (re)install OSX yourself.

About repairs, there are two (2) authorized Mac repair centers in Kunming. One of them is on 121 and they are assholes. The better one is in the middle of town and they are very nice and professional, but the wait can be 2.5hrs before your device is seen (and you do have to wait).

Things to check if it won't turn on at all: make sure it has power, make sure it isn't overheating, do a hardware check on startup.

Magnifico (1981 posts) • 0

sorry, but what's special about macbook? i recall in another thread someone saying Mac OS can be installed in any PC. never tried it, but that might save you a lot of money. get a cheap ASUS and install Yosemite on it?

these things all break down after a couple of years. i don't see the point of buying an expensive one unless you're doing professional work with it.

ksmcqueen (96 posts) • 0

thanks friends. actually not bricked. smashed and folded. so yeah a new computer is necessary in one form or another. thanks for the suggests.

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