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I lived in Kunming in 2003 to 2009,

while there I had a book of Chinese short stories.

I do not remember the name of the Arthur

only a synopsis.

It is about 4 young me on a trading

expedition for there first time and one finds a turtle dragon shell..

Then the book goes


to wondrous

things happening to

all of them because of the

Turtle Dragon shell.

I believe that the book was of

old Chinese


or fables.

It had about 10 different

short stories

I believe that the name of the story


the red fruit.

I really would like to find this story

for my great grand children.

If you think you can help me my WeChat is thom1622
My E mail is

I am now living in the USA.

Thank you Donald R Thomas

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The Book Club will next meet at 6:30PM at The Park on September 5 to discuss Charles Bukowski's collection of poems entitled: sifting through the madness for the Word, the line, the new way - new poems. Although there is a wechat group, all comers are welcome. Please have a suggestion of what we might read next.

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The Book Club will meet again on October 10 at 6:30 at The Park to discuss Robertson Davis' novel, The Cunning Man.

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The Book Club will meet again on November 7 at The Park at 6:30 PM to discuss Sue Hamilton's INDIAN PHILOSOPHY: A VERY SHORT INTRODUCTION. Very informal. There is a wechat group somewhere for the Book Club.

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The Book Club will meet on November 21 at The Park at 6:30pm to discuss Arturo Perez Reverte's novel, THE CLUB DUMAS. Always a good idea to read the book before the meeting.

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