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Book Club Kunming

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For the Guillaume book, those on the book club wechat should be able to acquire a digital copy through wechat. The pdf file is apparently too big to send as an email attachment.

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News available on wechat.
The next meeting does or does not welcome people who haven't found the wechat group? What was decided? No calendar announcement, no info here.

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The next meeting of the Book Club will take place at The Park on August 30, beginning at 6:30PM. The book that will be discussed is Stieg Larsson's THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO.

There was, in fact, a meeting at The Park last night; the book under discussion was THE CHINESE SULTANATE: ISLAM, ETHNICITY, AND THE PANTHAY REBELLION IN SOUTHWEST CHINA, 1856-1873, by David G. Atwill, which covered a period of Yunnan history in which millions were killed and offers a well-researched analysis of the social and historical causes of this very major conflict that does not simply write it off as 'Muslim rebellion'. The Panthay Rebellion has been overshadowed and relatively little known thanks to the even greater slaughter of the Taiping Rebellion in eastern China that was going on at roughly the same time. Implications of the train of causation of the Panthay Rebellion might possibly be applied to certain events that are occurring or have occurred in recent years in China.

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