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Copies of the book can be downloaded from the WeChat group Kunming Book Club. Otherwise, contact me off-line and I'll get you a copy somehow.

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The next Book Club meeting will be Monday, 15 May. It will be at The Park, at 6:30 pm.

We will discuss Norman Ohler's BLITZED! : DRUGS IN NAZI GERMANY.

A txt file of the book has been posted to the Kunming Book Club WeChat group. Otherwise, epub versions can be found online in Torrent sites. Contact me off line and I can e-mail you a txt file, as well.

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Next meeting: Wed, 24 May, at The Oark Restaurant. We will discuss Haruki Murukami's WHEN I TALK ABOUT RUNNING. E-copies are posted in our wechat group. Otherwise, look online or contact me offline.

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Next book club will read Joseph Boyden, THREE

DAY ROAD.We will neet 7 June, 6:30 pm at THE PARK.

Copies of the book may be found at the club's WeChat group or contact me off line.

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The Book Club will next meet on Wed. 21 June. We will discuss Joe Nickell, _Secrets of the


A epub version may be downloaded from the Kunming Book Club WeChat group. Otherwise, it's online, in a package of Skeptical books. Or contact me and I'll send you a file in attached to an e-mail.

You never know when sword-swallowing biting the heads off live chickens for an audience will become a career option!

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The Kunming Book Club will meet at The Park restaurant, inside the Lotus Temple's courtyard, at Green Lake Park. Time: 6:30 pm.

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