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Next book:

Cotton Comes To Harlem, detective novel by Chester Himes. Next meeting:28 March,630 pm, at The Park Restaurant.

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Annie, we read all kinds of books.

The Art of Not Being Governed is about minzu & how they stayed independant for so long.

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Kudos to Ginger MacDonald, who frequently participates in book club meets and who has just published here 3rd article with gokunming.

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We will next meet on April 11 at 6:30 at The Park to discuss David Graeber's book, DEBT: THE FIRST 5000 YEARS. Graeber, an anthropologist, was influential in the Occupy Wall Street movement in the US some years ago.

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Next meeting: 25 April
Next book: I AND THOU, by Maetin Buber
Time: 6:30


I and Thou can be found in the KM English Book Club WeChat group. Also online.

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Hi, I've searched on WeChat for this group multiple times, but never been able to find it - can anyone help me connect? Thx!

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