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Mailing packages abroad

HFCAMPO (3062 posts) • 0

Obviously you did not understand

I am NOT soeaking of the past, I am speaking of the present and future.

Read it slowly this time and see if you can comprehend (understand) the meaning of each word and sentence.

take a simple thread like this and see who is the first to begin the sarcastic attacks and who plays dumb and asks stupid questions.

I am sure there will be NEW threads popping up in the very near future - then we see who is the first to begin with the attacks and sarcasm.

Keep score and the winner gets a prize.

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

@mea culpa: I see I've contributed to getting us all off the OP - all this discussion, if we're going to have it, should, I think, be on its own thread, so that those interested in mailing packages or whatever can get on with it without our constant interference.

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