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biogas007 (2 posts) • 0


I am travelling from Vientiane - Kunming, then Kunming - Chongqing. The flights are all in the same day, so I will transit at Kunming.

I read that there is separate terminals in Kunming for international and domestic flights to/from Kunming. Can anyone tell me: once I land at the international terminal, do I still collect my luggage and check-in again for my domestic flight to Chongqing (in the domestic terminal)?

Thanks a lot. Its my first time travelling in China.


gbtexdoc (218 posts) • 0

The international flight terminal and the domestic flight terminal in Kunming's airport are in the same building and very close to each other. It would not be difficult to retrieve your luggage and re-check it, but that really should not be necessary. If you don't plan to spend time in Kunming, why not just check it through to your final destination (Chongqing) when you board your Vientiane flight? That would be the simplest thing to do.

YuantongsiYuantongsi (717 posts) • 0

I am fairly sure (99%) you would have to pick your luggage up in Kunming and re check it in when you get your new boarding pass. China has a rule that you have to take your luggage at your first entry point.

Anyway,,Kunming is heaps better than ChongQing,,just stay in Kunming for a few days before going on to CQ,,,

biogas007 (2 posts) • 0

Great, thanks for the info guys... either way I have a couple hours in Kunming airport during transit so I should be OK...

I will be going from CQ to Sichuan and Yunnan on my way back to Vientiane, so I will get to see Kunming ;)

Thanks again for advice.

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