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sparrow (13 posts) • 0


it's been mentioned to me before that there is a cycle company near wen lin jie that on saturdays hire bikes and go for a spin around the surrounding areas as a group. Does anybody know what company offers such a service??

Many thanks.

Xiefei (532 posts) • 0

They're a good bunch and have some awesome bikes. Be warned, though, the Saturday rides are pretty hardcore. So if you're not down for a sadistic ride, I'd suggest just renting a bike and going solo.

LaoNaiYangYu (27 posts) • 0

Re. Saturday rides being too hardcore - I stopped riding with them because they were too slow and stopped too often! They always take account of new and inexperienced people, and if you're finding it too hard going, some of them will wait for you.

Usually they cycle out of the city and then up a hill on a proper road as far as they can. Then it's cross country to the top and then down as fast (or slow) as you like.

They're a really great bunch of guys, very knowledgable about bikes, and they'll help you out in all sorts of ways. They meet outside the shop at 9:30am and get their bikes ready and then leave at 10am. One of the guys speaks pretty good English.

You can hire a bike from them at a very reasonable price.

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