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pushingeast (16 posts) • 0

I once saw an article on this site which reported that there was an organic farm growing basil in Yunnan.

So what i want to ask is does anybody know where you can find fresh basil in old kunming?

calyx (12 posts) • 0

Metro, if you're willing to trek out there, has fresh Taiwanese basil for pretty cheap ( 2-5 yuan a bag). Or, if you want to grow your own, I have half a packet of still-viable basil seeds which I am willing to share with the greater community.

pushingeast (16 posts) • 0

thanks for the heads up, calyx, and for the offer of seeds, but unfortunately god forgot to bless me with a green thumb so it looks like it's a hike to metro for me.


Ahmet (98 posts) • 0

Hi Calyx, is a membership card necessary to shop at Metro? The English web site makes it sound like one is needed and that only way to get it is to have a Chinese business licence and Chinese ID. That's similar to the way Sam's Club started in the US, but now anyone who pays the annual fee can have a card. Thanks for your answer.


calyx (12 posts) • 0

In my experience all you need to bring is your foreign passport (or copy thereof) and a photo to get a membership card the first time you're there. They can also just take your photo there and I think it's free or at least only a nominal fee(can't remember). Only takes a minute and then you just bring it every time after. My Chinese friends have had to have a business license to get a card, so it's a little more difficult for them. To get to Metro, take bus 96 north (available in the Yunda area at the Jianshelu and Shida stops) way out until you see the blue and yellow Metro sign out of the right side of the bus. I think it's Qiche keyuan beizhan, but the bus announcements are often a stop or two off, so it's best just to stare out the window. Anyone have better directions?

Also don't forget to bring your own bags. In an admirable attempt to reduce waste and get customers to pay for the real cost of things, they charge for their sturdy plastic bags.

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