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Ice skating in Kunming?

Shoei (77 posts) • 0

just an update, the hongta ice rink is closed already. sadly to say only one rink is now available in the whole kunming which is the newly opened mall in front of KIA.

for hockey activities we dont see anything yet but you can ask the rink about it but for now its still on the works.

Magnifico (1981 posts) • 0

if i stay in kunming, i might be interested in teaching chinese kids how to play hockey.

anyone have any info about coaching? little leagues? does it exist in kunming? anyone else interested in coaching kids?

tigertiger - moderator (5025 posts) • 0

I saw the ice 'rink', if you can call it that, at the Agean shopping mall the other day. It is about 25m long, and maybe 10m wide. Not really suitable for hockey.

Magnifico (1981 posts) • 0

and the other rink is closed? the hockey is advertised in the listings here.

edit: ok, never mind, just read the previous post.

Haali (1133 posts) • +1

went to the ice rink in the Aegean today, it is very small, and pretty expensive for its size. The ice clearly hadn't been cleaned (is that the word?) for a while, it was heavily etched. The 'instructors' or whatever you want to call them just skate as fast as they can at one another before performing last millisecond stops, spraying each other with ice. Even though we went there with the intention of ice skating, we decided not to bother.

JanJal (962 posts) • 0

There is now another Aegean Shopping Mall on Baiyun Road 168, which also has an ice rink.

Been a while since I went to the Aegean near KIA, but from what I remember it was more or less same size.

satii (76 posts) • +1

The new rink is now 1250sqm. 5th floor of Aegean Shopping Mall on Baiyun Road 168.

So 5 times bigger than approximate dimensions Tiger mentioned for the KIA rink.

Promotional prices at last month's grand opening were 168 for month pass and 480 for 3-month pass. Both included 1on1 instructor lessons. Not sure if promo package is still available.

JanJal (962 posts) • +1

Thanks, my memory failed then.

We went to check it out today, and asked about lessons for younger children. Their 10x instructor package for ages 4+ is 2080 RMB, which includes skates and a 1 month pass. No safety gear incuded from what I gathered.

satii (76 posts) • 0

Ouch, price surge. My advice is always look for grand opening discounts. If not, then anniversary sales a year later. Also try taobao2 flea market where 2nd hand sellers may try to resale/scalp cheaper packages they've purchased earlier during sales events.

Hope your kid enjoyed his/her time there. Don't remember the floor level, but a humongous, indoor trampoline and climbing jump park at a corner is also worth a visit. Biggest one I've ever seen with giant trampolines. Very spacious. Supervised for safety by many staff members, with viewing deck for parents on upper floor like the ice rink. Perhaps next time.

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