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Ice skating in Kunming?

paulwind6 (20 posts) • 0

Hello everyone,

After browsing on GKM and Google all possibilities to ice-skate in Kunming, I have found this thread dating back to 2010:


They talk about an ice skate place in Hongta especially where the hokey team is training and also one in downtown Kunming...
Does anybody has been to these places (recently) and is it possible to go there just for fun (and to break one's wrist on the way)?

Any information (adress, phone number, price...) would be very appreciated!


lemon lover (881 posts) • +1

The new Aegean shopping centre on Guangfu lu (across from the exit of the KIA) has a small ice-skating rink. One can rent skates at the place.

paulwind6 (20 posts) • 0

Thanks a lot tigertiger and lemonlover, could you tell me if you recommend your place, like for example the ice skating on guangfu lu is it still fun despite the size, is there a special environment deserved to be pointed at?
I am not a ice skater expert btw...

lemon lover (881 posts) • 0

The Aegean just opened at the 20th. At the moment I was there (Monday afternoon) there were 2 visitors and 4 instructors on the ice. The visitors had just discovered that the ice was slipery and were holding the side rail. So not really a interesting spectacle.

mPRin (821 posts) • 0

Aegean shopping centre is 60 kuai for an unlimited amount of time at the moment. Skate hire is 5 kuai.

husky888 (3 posts) • 0

Anyone know where hockey skates can be sharpened? Do these rinks have hockey skates, or only figure skates to rent? Any idea whether they're sharpened, or so dull you can't skates — an extra challenge some newbie and experienced skaters both experience at times in Asia.

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